How long is the recommended stay at Mari Mari?

In order to get the most out of the property and the area, Mari Mari recommends a 4 or 7-night package.

What are the arrival and departure times?

Guests normally arrive after 2.00pm and depart before 12.00pm. In most cases, we will allow early check-in and late check-out if the room/property is available.

Is smoking permitted on the property?

For the comfort of all guests we do not allow smoking inside any of Mari Mari’s indoor areas. Smoking is permitted on exterior terraces and balconies unless marked or instructed otherwise.

What about pets?

In order to respect Mari Mari’s unique ecosystem and local fauna, no pets are allowed in Mari Mari with the exception of assistance dogs.

What's the weather like? 

It is characterized by a mild temperate climate with more rain in winter and abundant low clouds. The general climate in this part of Patagonia would be best described as varied at any time of year. You can often see the four seasons on any given day! The summer temperatures run around 20°C (68°F) most of the time, while the average during the winter months is closer to 13°C (55°F). The average annual precipitation is 302 cm (119 inches).

What clothing or other gear should I bring? 

We recommend comfortable shoes, casual clothes, a bathing suit. Outdoor clothes and hiking shoes or boots are a must. A few layers of light outerwear are suggested. Also bring sunglasses, a sun hat, sunscreen/lip balm, and of course your camera. Should you forget to pack something, a range of clothing and accessories is available for purchase in the well-stocked Patagonia Store in our Club House. If you prefer to travel light, send us a note with the garments required (preferred colour, sizes, etc.) and get your gear upon arrival.

Are there bugs? Should I bring repellent?

Patagonia does have its share of insects, particularly the tabano, which is the local version of the March fly, which is present for around three weeks between December and January, depending on rainfall. Local experts say that you should opt for lighter tones as opposed to dark clothing, which tend to attract these flies. It is also a good idea to bring along a typical insect repellent.

Are there any activities for children at the lodge?

Yes. We have a swimming pool and table games such as chess, checkers along with local games.

Does Mari Mari provide activity gear of any kind?

We provide robes, slippers, hair dryers, and irons in the rooms, while for the outdoor activities rain gear, survival suits, life jackets, state-of-the-art adventure and outdoor equipment and basic fishing gear is supplied.

When is the best time to visit?

Mari Mari is located in a privileged environment, making the experience worthwhile any time of the year. Each season has its own special feature. That being said, it is important to remember that December through March is the summer period in Chile and generally considered the best time to travel.

Why choose Mari Mari?
  • Accessibility: Mari Mari is located just 43 miles from Puerto Montt airport.
  • The company-operated, private transfer service allow guests to arrive in style.
  • 9,000 acres of private preserve for the exclusive use of Mari Mari’s guests.
  • A 6-mile stretch of pristine coastline simply teeming with marine wildlife.
  • Its all-suite 750 square-foot villas.
  • The personalized experience: Our expert guides never lead more than five guests at any given time.
  • It is easy to combine with other destinations in Chile.
Who is the best fit for Mari Mari?
  • Nature lovers
  • Discerning travellers who enjoy personalized attention
  • Families and multi-generational groups
  • Honeymooners
  • Small groups of friends
  • Corporate groups
  • Travellers seeking privacy


In order to enhance your stay at Mari Mari, we would recommend the following books, all readily available at bookstores or on-line stores such as Book Depository or Amazon.

  • Travels in a Thin Country, A Journey through Chile by Sara Wheeler
  • In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin
  • Moby Dick by Herman Melville
  • A Wildlife Guide to Chile by Sharon Chester
  • The Voyage of the Beagle by Charles Darwin
  • Birds of Chile by Alvaro Jaramillo
  • Mapuche Language & Culture by Arturo Hernandez S. and Nelly Ramos P.
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