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Mari Mari Natural Reserve Experience brings a combination of luxury accommodation, fine dining, impeccable service, and life-changing activities to a relatively little-known coastal region of Chilean Patagonia. The experience is built on the principles and vestiges of the long-lost culture of Monte Verde. The discovery of a small child's footprint in 1975 in a marshy field near the city of Puerto Montt sent shockwaves through the archaeological world; it was evidence of human settlement in the Americas that pre-dated the long-accepted Clovis paradigm by roughly 1,000 years. The Monte Verde culture lived at one with the flora and fauna as opposed to dominating and destroying it. It made little impact, with no temples or pyramids built, leaving as small a footprint as humanly possible. Their legacy permeates everything we do at Mari Mari. It sets a benchmark of respect and responsibility. It inspires us to form part of our surroundings, living in harmony with the wildlife and vegetation found in this magical place. “Mari Mari” is a Mapudungun term that not only welcomes visitors into the home but invites them to be part of the family and the community. We extend that same invitation to you.

January 15, 2020

Because some visits are a treasure to remember any moment.

We remember the day that the famous chef and traveler Anthony Bourdain visited our hotel.

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